Gabriel José Franco De Godoy Batista
José Maria Franco De Godoi Neto

Specialist in Contractual Banking Law, OAB / SP nº 305.150,
graduated in Law from FADISP - Autonomous Law School
from Sao Paulo

Specialization in Civil Law and Civil Procedure by ESAMC - FGV -
completion in 2016

Specialization in Contracts by PUC-COGEAE - completion in 2013

Specialization in the New Code of Civil Procedure by ESAMC - FGV -
2015 conclusion

He has extensive knowledge in credit recovery, having acted as
as a lawyer at Banco Alfa S / A and Banco Daycoval.

Specialist in Banking and Real Estate Law, OAB / SP nº 309.334,
graduated in Law and Administration from Mackenzie University.

MBA in credit risk management by USP-FIPECAFI and specialization
in financial administration by FGV-SP, MBA in equity valuation
by Manchester Business School-UK.

Former director of large companies such as TIM, Metropolitan Transport and
Greenpeace. Former Legal Director of São Paulo Transportes S / A (SPTRANS) -12º,
largest legal department in Brazil.

Master's degree in civil law from USP-SP and former member of the Rights Commission
of OAB Consumer 2013/2014, co-author of the OABSP Consumer Primer.

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