Areas of expertise

Franco de Godoi Advogados works in the main areas of law, focused on satisfying the interests of its clients.

We operate with the CPPRO software and carry out on-line monitoring of the demands through detailed reports of judicial and administrative processes.

Distrations of real estate acquired in the plant before the delivery of the keys and compensation for delayed delivery of the property are the main demands of our office
It stands out by the analysis and previous audit of Extrajudicial Collection, Research and Localization of Goods, strategic study of the guarantees and assets located before the filing of the lawsuit.
Most negotiations involve a formalization (contract): our advice conducts a judicious legal assessment and a risk analysis built into the business that allows the entrepreneur to have a clear view of the cost / benefit of the business involved.
Delays in flights and lost baggage can generate interesting damages ranging from R$ 6,000.00 to R$ 40,000.00 depending on each case.
We have focused on obtaining injunctions for payment of surgeries not covered by the agreement as an expansive endoprosthesis and other high-cost procedures with negative coverage.
Our objective is to provide preventive and documentary support to consumers who want to adapt to the constant tax changes of the country thus avoiding future tax liabilities.