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We offer complete advice to the consumer from the preparation of the personal income tax until the follow up of any and all demand with the tax authority we act in the corporate segment with small and medium companies in the tax planning and legal theses on PIS / COFINS and INSS.

Our objective is to provide preventive and documentary support to consumers who want to adapt to the constant tax changes of the country thus avoiding future tax liabilities.

We work in the tax consultancy for small and medium-sized companies in obtaining the compensation of PIS / COFINS on importation and the thesis of non-incidence of social contributions (part of the company, SAT and third parties) on the amounts paid as:

(i) sickness benefits paid by the employer up to the 15th day of incapacity for work;
(ii) constitutional third of vacation spent;
(iii) indemnified prior notice;
(iv) thirteenth indemnified proportional.

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